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Update: Sections 407 to 414 of the Companies Act, 2013 are not applicable for November 2014 IPC examination (related to Paper 2- Business Laws, Ethics and Communication).

This post is regarding syllabus change for CA Final and IPC exams to be held in May/November 2014. In summary most of the syllabus changes, including ones related to Companies Act, are only happening in Nov’14. The only exceptions are those related to Finance Act, 2013, which are applicable from May’14 itself.

Please refer to the given table for more detailed information.

Exam Paper Significant syllabus changes May’14 Nov’14
IPC Paper 4- Taxation Finance Act, 2013
Paper 2- Business Laws, Ethics and Communication

Paper 6- Auditing and Assurance

Companies Act, 2013
Paper 4- Taxation Part II- “Service Tax and VAT” has been renamed as “Indirect Taxes”. New topics which have been included are:

1) Introduction to excise duty, customs duty, central sales tax and VAT – constitutional aspects, basic concepts relating to levy, taxable event and related provisions
2) Significant provisions of service tax ( the main topics which have been added are exemption and abatements, invoicing for taxable services, and registration)

Details Details
Paper 7- Information Technology and Strategic Management In Section A- Information Technology: New topics which have been added are:

1) Business Process Management & IT
2) Business process automation through Application software

CA Final Paper 7- Direct Taxes Paper 8- Indirect Tax Laws Finance Act, 2013
Paper 3- Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics Paper 4- Corporate and Allied Laws Companies Act, 2013
Paper 6- Information Systems Control and Audit Additions/deletions of topics have been done to keep up with recent technological developments. Major topics which have been added are:

a) Concepts of Governance and Management of Information Systems
b) Information Technology Regulatory Issues
c) Emerging Technology

Paper 8- Indirect Tax Laws Redistribution of marks- Section A (25 marks), Section B (50 marks), Section C (25 marks)

Syllabus changes in-

Section B: VAT has been excluded
Section C: addition of Foreign Trade Policy (relevant to the customs law)

Note –
The Institute has already updated the publications based on November’14 syllabus. It has instructed May’14 students to use the updated publications with some special guidelines as below.

  • For CA IPC students only revised material for Part I i.e. Income-tax will be relevant for Paper 4 (Taxation).
  • CA Final students should skip chapter 16 (Foreign Trade Policy) of section C (Customs and Foreign Trade Policy) for Paper 8 (Indirect Tax Laws). In place of this they need to follow the old syllabus attached in the Appendix at the end of the revised study material. This Appendix includes 8 chapters on VAT and Inter-relationship of accounting.
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